Management Coaching


Accordia’s interventions all have the same simple objective: to make a difference to every manager’s performance.

There is no technique or approach which is more likely to make a difference than coaching.


Individual Management Coaching


If the individual is keen to change, then coaching is almost certain to be effective. An effective coach can help someone to understand their motivation and understand the reasons behind their perceptions and behaviour. This can allow them to make better life choices and consequently manage themselves, and if relevant others, more consistently in line with their values.

A number of our training consultants are accomplished management coaches. We have worked with Senior Managers in Industry, Senior Civil Servants, and Board Members in Local Government; we have also worked in the voluntary sector and with individuals in junior positions.


Management Coaching Training


We also run programmes to equip managers with coaching skills, using one or more of the successful coaching models. This can be stand alone, but often forms part of a larger programme to great effect. Coaching skills can help almost every management situation, including those we come across in the training arena, so they form a valuable aid to training.

Please call us if you would like to discuss a situation that may potentially benefit from coaching. It is our passion and we would love to talk it over.