Finance for Non-Finance Managers


Accordia Finance for Non-Finance Managers Training


Finance affects every part of the modern organisation – be it analysis that supports decision making budgets that provide a route map towards achieving overall objectives or management information that supports the assessment of performance and the identification of areas for improvement.

An understanding of the fundamentals of finance and the relationship between finance, the drivers of shareholder value and the financial consequences of business decisions is one of the key building blocks of a high performing team.


Delivering Business Solutions


Our team of expert facilitators can offer a range of tailored solutions to address an organisation’s finance competency needs. Highly practical in nature and using examples drawn from the organisation Accordia offers solutions in the following areas:

  • Understanding Finance – A core understanding of how to interpret financial information and how it can be used to support financial decisions.
  • Shareholder value – The drivers that create value for the shareholders of a company and how they can be managed.
  • Preparing an effective business case – The fundamental financial analysis that supports decision making, using finance to understand risks and sensitivities and how to communicate a business case effectively and persuasively.
  • Using budgets to drive organisational performance – From how to prepare a budget to how to interpret management reports to how budgets can and can not be used to provide structure and clarity to organisational performance.


Our Approach


It is our belief that in order for FNFM training to be truly effective it needs to be relevant to the organisation and the delegates. Our consultants will work with you to identify the exact need and the appropriate solution. They will also seek to design a course that uses real examples in a highly practical manner.

We can offer a wide range of possible solutions from web-based seminars to traditional face to face to courses to workshop type events where delegates work on real life challenges they face in the work place. Where ever possible we seek to maximise the impact of training through the use of pre and post course learning.