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Accordia Training Services


Working with you to develop and deliver a training solution that precisely meets your needs, and which delivers the skills, knowledge and behaviours you seek.

Training is tailored exactly to your needs. We will use our wealth of experience to identify possible core elements and then enhance them with examples, case studies and processes from your organisation, or designed specifically for the purpose.

Our delivery methods are a mix of classical and contemporary. We know that every organisation has its own culture and preferences. We will blend the methods to best meet your learning approach.


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Accordia Audit and Risk Management Training


In today’s world the place of effective risk management and robust oversight has never been more important. From economic to environmental crises and under increased regulatory scrutiny, the responsibilities of an organisation and its directors are under the spotlight.

Our team of trainers have unrivalled experience across a wide range of public and private sector organisations at all levels from Audit Committee to Operations for: all aspects of Corporate Governance and Risk Management; and both Internal and External Audit.


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Accordia Leadership and Management Training


Accordia’s leadership and management development programmes have a simple objective: to make a difference to every manager’s performance. We can provide off the shelf training, but our passion is to create solutions designed to address your skills knowledge or behavioural gaps. Our consultants will work with you, and your people, to create a programme that exactly addresses your needs.


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Accordia Management Coaching


There is no technique or approach which is more likely to make a difference than coaching. At Accordia we provide both Individual Coaching and Coaching Training for Managers.

If the individual is keen to change, then coaching is almost certain to be effective. An effective coach can help someone to understand their motivation and understand the reasons behind their perceptions and behaviour.

We also run programmes to equip managers with coaching skills, using one or more of the successful coaching models. This can be stand alone, but often forms part of a larger programme to great effect.


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Hogan Personality Assessments


At Accordia we endorse the use of Hogan personality assessments. Our consultants will work with you to develop your employees, build effective leaders, and hire the best people. We provide HoganLead, HoganDevelop, Hogan Succession Planning & HoganSelect.


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Finance Business Partners

Many finance professionals have adapted a business partnering role and support their organisations strategically, as well as operationally to enhance the relationship between finance and other parts of the business to put finance at the heart of decision making.


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Accordia Finance for Non-Finance Managers


Finance affects every part of the modern organisation – be it analysis that supports decision making budgets that provide a route map towards achieving overall objectives or management information that supports the assessment of performance and the identification of areas for improvement.

An understanding of the fundamentals of finance and the relationship between finance, the drivers of shareholder value and the financial consequences of business decisions is one of the key building blocks of a high performing team.


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