Audit & Risk Management Training


Accordia Audit & Risk Management Training


In today’s world the place of effective risk management and robust oversight has never been more important. From economic to environmental crises and under increased regulatory scrutiny, the responsibilities of an organisation and its directors are under the spotlight. Our team of trainers have unrivalled experience across a wide range of public and private sector organisations at all levels from Audit Committee to Operations for: all aspects of Corporate Governance and Risk Management; and both Internal and External Audit.


Delivering Business Solutions


To succeed organisations need robust assurance mechanisms, which include a number of different elements across the business. We find that assurance frequently becomes the preserve of a few but a clear understanding of what assurance means, and who is responsible, can have tangible benefits. We deliver training and consultancy across the full range of assurance products, whether the operational first line of defence or a third line of defence like internal audit.


Corporate Governance

What are the checks and balances required for the effective management of an organisation? How to ensure proper and effective oversight and what are the responsibilities of leaders?


Risk Management

All aspects of a structured system for managing the achievement of an organisation’s varied objectives from implementing the right culture to executing robust controls.


Audit and assurance

Ensuring that the control framework delivers the control required and expected by the organisation. From the high level plan to detailed testing to effective communication.


Leadership skills for auditors

Today’s auditor, in addition to their technical skills, must also be: persuasive, influential; and able to communicate clearly and concisely.



Our Approach


Our team of expert training consultants are able to identify the approach that meets your organisation’s needs from virtual interventions to face to face courses all the way through to audit simulations and case studies that test skills to their limits. Any solution will be tailored to the specific requirements of your company or organisation.