Finance Business Partnering


Finance Business Partnering

Level Seven Certificate


About finance business partnering


Many finance professionals have adapted their role to support their organisations strategically as well as operationally. This enhances the relationship between finance and other professionals across their companies, and helps embed finance people at the heart of decision making.

Accordia can help you to develop this approach, and support you in gaining the necessary skill sets and techniques required to operate effectively as a finance business partner (FBP).

Not only that, you can demonstrate your capabilities to the world by achieving this new qualification accredited by Pearson


About the FBP qualification


This new programme offers a blend of online and classroom-based training, including refresher guidance on some of the technical/professional skills required of a finance business partner.

Once enrolled, you will be given access to an online learning platform, workbooks and support reading for each module. Highly interactive face-to-face workshops bring your learning through the online platform to life.

Delegates reflect on each part of the programme and use this to build up a portfolio of experience which also serves as evidence of achievement.
The qualification will arm you with a range of best practice knowledge and skills and enable you to actively apply the learning in your company.



As you proceed through the programme you will develop your portfolio that records:

  • evidence of your learning and critical analysis for each module;
  • how your skills development has been translated to the working environment; and
  • your ability to undertake specific tasks.


Who is this course aimed at?

This qualification is aimed at current and aspiring finance business partners.


Programme Content


Business Relationships

This module gives an overview of: the Finance Business Partner (FBP) role in the wider context; the key skills and behaviours that are needed in business relationships; and the strategies required to successfully embed Finance Business Partnering within the organisation.


Commercial Acumen

This module develops participants’ commercial skills, identifying strategies, seizing opportunities and decision making. The module provides insight into the importance of the Finance Business Partner role in supporting an organisation in moving to a more internally collaborative and externally commercially astute environment.


Communication and Presentation Skills

One of the major challenges for Finance Business Partners is ensuring that accurate and timely financial information is disseminated in an easily accessible way to support effective decision-making and robust financial management. This module will enable participants to communicate and in particular present financial and business information effectively.


Behavioural Skills and Emotional Intelligence

The Finance Business Partner needs to be able to successfully manage internal and external partners to ensure success. A thorough understanding of personal relationships and solid Emotional intelligence are crucial.


Influencing Skills: Impact and Presence

Finance Business Partners need to influence the most senior people, and others throughout the organisation. This module introduces a range of influencing techniques which can be used by Finance Business Partners to achieve more win/win outcomes in their day to day negotiation. It will give a range of options help Business Partners identify others’ needs and influence others, inside and outside their organisation.


Transformational Change

This module will explore strategies to bring about large scale complex change. This module will analyse key success factors; the risks to be managed; the pitfalls, problems and challenges. It uses a number of accepted models to help FBPs understand the process, practical planning and management of transformational change.


The entire programme cost is £2,499 which includes the workbooks, access to the online training and support, the introductory event, four full days of training and the full assessment process to receive the accreditation.


The location for the training will be: 77 Mansell Street, London E1 8AN

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Finance Business Partnering Face to Face Dates in Central London:

  • 6th October 2017
  • 15th December 2017
  • 30th January 2018
  • 28th March 2018
  • 11th May 2018

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